Monica Ulmanu, FJSC alumna, is one of the winners of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism

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Monica Ulmanu, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (FJSC), University of Bucharest, won the Pulitzer Prize for 2020, alongside her colleagues from the daily The Washington Post, for explanatory journalism.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism and a Master's in Multimedia and Audio-Video Production from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, Monica received a Fulbright Scholarship in the United States, where she majored in visual journalism. He has worked in the United States and the United Kingdom, in prestigious newsrooms such as Thompson Reuters, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Guardian.

The Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious journalism prize in the world, was awarded to The Washington Post team, which includes the visual journalist Monica Ulmanu, for a series of articles on global warming. The jury motivated its choice as follows: "For a groundbreaking series that showed with scientific clarity the dire effects of extreme temperatures on the planet". The series of articles can be accessed here:

Monica Ulmanu is the first FJSC graduate to win The Pulitzer Prize, the most important award in the United States for journalism
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Monica Ulmanu's page on The Washington Post website, with links to materials she signed (including the Pulitzer Prize-winning materials on the global warming series) can be accessed here:

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest

FJSC is the first journalism faculty established after 1989, being recognized nationally and internationally, as a space for professional training, in communication studies, at the highest standards. The University of Bucharest is the first university in the country, in terms of training and research at academic level, as indicated by the institutional classification exercises of the Romanian Ministry of Education.

Erasmus+ selection

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The files are filed with the Erasmus + Office of UB until June 9, 2017.
Selection will take place at the central level (Erasmus + Office of UB).

ZeList Founder, Cătălin Teniţă, at FJSC

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Cătălin Teniţă, ZeList founder, was invited by Antonio Momoc at the event "FJSC Evenings".
The debate theme will cover the topic: "Online, participation and civic protests" - 10 mai 2017, at 12.00h, R3 Amphitheater.

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