Theories and Research Methods in Communication Sciences

The program is an interdisciplinary one, and it is made up of courses that cover a very diverse area: from intercultural and organizational communication to the political one, and to new technologies of communication. The approach is mainly from the viewpoint of identifying the contemporary main trends and patterns in communication. This master’s program focuses on three key-words: communication sciences, models and methods, throughout an interdisciplinary interactive approach built on projects (individually or group-based).
The program includes courses in Communication Sciences and Sciences of Language; Communication Sciences and Performance Studies; Research Methods in Communication Sciences; Media and Cultural Industries; Communication Sciences and New Technologies; Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies; Communication Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology; Political Communication; Organizational Communication; Intercultural Communication; Political Sociology; Gender and Communication; Media Culture; Psycho-sociology of Change in Organizations; Designing and Producing a Field Research Project; Designing and Producing a Text Research Project.

Admission consists of two examinations. The written exam refers to submitting a research or a practical project (of approximately 12,000 characters) in the field of the master’s program. The research project will focus on a brief analysis of a phenomenon in communication (interpersonal communication, mass communication, organizational communication, political communication, new media, social media, etc.). The structure of the research project should include the following aspects:
•    motivation for the selection of the respective phenomenon;
•    critical analysis of the books in the field that the phenomenon refers to;
•    expressing one’s viewpoints with reference to the phenomenon chosen for analysis;
•    bibliography.
The research project will be typed in Times New Roman, 1.5 (single and a half) spaced.
The text citation and bibliography that are recommended are Other citation systems that are internationally acknowledged may be used. The oral exam consists in presenting the project to a commission.