Management of Media Institutions

This program started in 1997, and it is the only one in the field in Romania. It was designed and elaborated in order to meet the present-day media market needs in Romania, as well as to envisage further developments. The program addresses the higher education graduates in journalism, sociology, economy, socio-psychology, and political studies. The professional competencies to be accomplished throughout this program by its graduates are: the ability to design, develop and manage projects; the ability to identify the constitutive elements of management analysis; the ability to design and to develop management strategies; the ability to work in/ it hand to manage a team; entrepreneurial initiative and spirit.
The program includes courses in General Management; Online Marketing; Communication Strategies in Media Organizations; Project Management; Newsroom Organizing and Editorial Strategies; Media Marketing; Management of Media Organizations; Media Discourse; TV Production; Trust Management; Marketing for Media Product Launching.


Admission consists of two examinations. The written exam refers to preparing a research or a practical project in the field of the master’s degree program. The candidate will design a proposal for a research or a practical project in the management of media organizations or in the online media. The text will be of 4-6 pages, typed with diacritical marks, fonts of 12, Times New Roman, single spaced, on A4 page format and it will contain:
•    motivation for the selection of the topic in terms of its importance for the professionals in the media, for the public and/or for the society;
•    research objectives and questions that sketch a departing hypothesis;
•    corpus of analysis (for content analysis) and research strategy (research methods, instruments, including experiment, i.e., a practical project that will be analyzed afterwards);
•    the way the master’s program offered by the FJSC may support the candidate in developing this research project and/or in his/her career development wiil be identified and explained.

The APA style is recommended in citation and in bibliography editing.
The evaluation criteria at the written exam are: linguistic competency, clarity in writing the topics for analysis, accuracy in using the research instruments; text coherence; originality. The oral examination is an interview. The candidate will present his/her arguments that motivate participation to the master’s program, and will state to the commission the proposal for the research or practical project in the management of media organizations or in the online media. Evaluation criteria for the oral exam: logical expression; coherent choice and organization of arguments; linguistic competencies.