Communication Campaigns in Public Relations and Advertising


The master’s degree program aims at training professionals who would be capable to take up most of the current tasks regarding advertising and public relations specific communication; to identify a range of the social stakes that an organization is more likely to confront, and to influence the decisions made in terms of organizational policies and strategies; to set the social responsibilities (to various participants) that the organization should take up, and to elaborate coherent, flexible programs and policies that are adapted to social change; to design and to manage types of intervention both  inside the organization, and between the organization and the multiple components of the extra-organizational environment.

The program includes courses of Introduction to Advertising Creativity; Archetypes in Advertising and in Public Relations: Techniques of Symbolic Persuasion; Creative Writing; Online Advertising; Public Communication Techniques; Strategic Planning in Communication; Communication with the Media;  Media Planning; Public Relations Campaigns; Research Project in Public Relations; Crisis Communications, Branding;  Lobby; Sectorial Public Relations; Advertising Campaigns.

Admission consists of two examinations. First, there is a multiple choice written examination based on suggested bibliography. Then, the oral exam is an interview that tests knowledge in public relations and in advertising.