Assistant Professor, PhD student Bogdan OPREA
Department of Journalism

Meetings: Facultatea de Jurnalism şi Ştiinţele Comunicării, Universitatea din Bucureşti, Complex „Leu”, B-dul Iuliu Maniu nr. 1 - 3, Corp A, Etaj 6, Sector 6, Bucureşti

Research and teaching interests
- journalism (local and regional print media, management of press institutions),
- social media and online disinformation,
- public institutional communication

Oprea, Bogdan, 2008, "The Communism had many shortcomings, but it should not be looked at only by bad, young eyes!" („Comunismul a avut multe neajunsuri, dar nu trebuie privit doar prin ochi răi, tinere!”), in Rostás, Zoltán, Văcărescu, Theodora-Eliza (coord.) Cealaltă jumătate a istoriei. Femei povestind, Editura Curtea Veche, București, pp. 184 - 204
Oprea, Bogdan, 2006, "Regional Press in Romania" („Presa regională din România”), in Revista Română de Jurnalism și Comunicare, Anul I, nr. 2 - 3 (S.N.), Facultatea de Jurnalism și Științele Comunicării, Universitatea din București - Editura Ars Docendi, București, pp. 83 - 94

Bogdan Oprea teaches in the academic field since 2007, as a journalist, since 1998 and as a specialist in public communication, since 2012. He has a double degree, in Journalism (2006) and Philosophy-Journalism (2006), and a master's degree in Communication Campaigns in Advertising and Public Relations (2010).
He developed his career on four levels:
(1) - associate professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest (October 2007 - June 2018, February 2019 - February 2020) and assistant professor (February 2020 - to present), where he taught, among others, courses and seminars on Writing Techniques, Press and current affairs, Genres of print media, Print media production, Creation of a print publication, Journalism workshop;
(2) - journalist, he occupied positions from reporter and editor to editor-in-chief and editorial director in the editorial offices of several prestigious Romanian central daily newspapers (among which "Evenimentul zilei", "Adevărul de seară" etc.), TV stations (Prima TV) and news agencies (NewsIn); throughout his career, he launched several publications (magazines and newspapers), including the free daily newspaper "Adevărul de seară", which reached the record-number of 1 million copies/edition; at the same time, he coordinated editorial teams from 3, 4 journalists to over 200 journalists;
(3) - public communication specialist at high level both at national level, in Romania (spokesperson of the President of Romania and head of the Public Communication Department of the Presidential Administration, spokesperson of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism) and at European level (European Union high level adviser on communication and visibility of EU assistance and the reform impact within the State Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, coordinator of the strategy and communication department of a member of the European Parliament from Romania);
(4) - volunteer in national projects and international missions, licensed as SMURD paramedic on the ambulances of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Bucharest - Ilfov, training instructor in first aid courses of the SMURD Foundation and coordinator of the SMURD Caravan project "Be prepared!", involved, at the same time, in different projects of other associations (Habitat for Humanity Romania, Volunteer for Life etc.).